Thursday, May 7, 2015

 10 Incredibly Awkward Moments in the Life of an Introvert.

1.  Going out somewhere to be social.
2.  Wanting to go up to people to start a conversation, but they walk in another direction. (Seen as a failed attempt)
3.  Standing/sitting there looking anti-social but actually trying to think of stuff to say, but also thoroughly enjoying taking in the surroundings.
4.  Being caught off guard when one of your new friends comes up to talk to you and not knowing what to say.
5.  Sweating, the longer someone new talks to you, the more nervous you are, for fear of saying something stupid.   (So you opt for being quiet,  but.....awkward), but you hope they keep talking.
6.  Constantly realizing that people think your anti-social
7.  Questions like "Why are you so quiet/shy/introverted?" are, not only torture, but very intimidating. 
8.  When in a conversation with a few friends and you think of a witty comment, but alas, that topics over.
9.  Always leaving bad first impressions. 
10.  Trying your hardest not to be too......well awkward.

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