Thursday, August 13, 2015

Book review- "Introverts in the Church"

       This is a short book review on the book "Introverts in the Church" by Adam S. McHugh. 

       Discovering and learning about intoversion these past few months has been very enlightening in realizing both the complexities of God's design and also understanding others.  I recently read Adam S. McHugh's book and found it very beneficial.   Let me first say that I do not agree with most of his biblical convictions or practices, however the information about introversion contained in this book is well written and very helpful.  
        There are a couple of main concepts behind introversion and extroversion. The first being that God created the brain to function in different ways and this is huge in helping to understand God's human creation more, and in getting along with people.  When you can see the more obvious characteristics of one or the other in a person, you can understand more about them and why they are that way.  It's a physical part of the brain design.
        Another main concept in this book is that there are very beneficial, introverted ways to exercise one's personal spirituality, and they are very enjoyable for introverts, even though to others, they may not make sense....and may seem unbiblical to others.   It's a relief to realize that, although a certain way to do things is usually propagated by churches, there are very biblical ways to do things that suit the introvert.
         A final thought for this book is that there seems to be a lot of anecdotes for introverts that need to deal with most of the extroverted methods and ministries found in churches.   Along side that is a fair amount of psychological research shared throughout the book, which I found very interesting.

        This was a great benefit to my understanding introversion and I hope that this review will be helpful to others in some way.

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